Eigenmann & Veronelli

Hall(s): Level 0
Stand: 211
Category: English Profile

Contact Name: Mª Dolores Sanz
Telephone: +34 935456380
Email: evi@eigver.es
Website: http://www.eigver.es
Address: Miguel Hernandez nº 42-44, Hospitalet de LLobregat, 08908, Spain

Company Profile

Eigenmann & Veronelli, a company dedicated since 1910 to the manufacture and distribution of chemical products in the paint, ink and varnish markets.
We highlight as main products: organic and inorganic pigments, anticorrosives, pigment pastes, ethylene dispersions, acrylic resins, melamine-formaldehyde and benzoguanamine, iron oxides, additives and laboratory equipment.
We offer the highest quality in our products, strengthen our technical customer service with the support of our own laboratory and collaborate with the customers in both service and technical assistance.
Our ability to evolve continually and our offerings have allowed us to align ourselves with current market conditions.

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