Hall(s): Level 0
Stand: 508

Contact Name: Jordi Gros
Telephone: 93 618 701 691
Address: Llobateres 23, Barberá del Vallés, Barcelona 08210, Spain

Company Profile

Because we care, Caldic Ibérica is close to the lives of thousands of people every day. We inspire innovative and sustainable solutions in the formulation of paints, adhesives, inks and cement glue. In our product catalog we offer; rutile titanium dioxide via sulfate, and chloride, anatase, HEC cellulosic thickener, styrene-acrylic, acrylic water-based emulsions, epoxy resins, extenders, antifoams, dispersants, pigments, matting additives, adhesion promoters, additives to formulate water-repellent and water-repellent paints. We offer specialties for the development of innovative formulations based on graphene, nanotitanium or also with the commitment to sustainability and the environment such as our solvents of renewable origin and VAE Emulsions for formulating Ecolable paints.

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