Hall(s): Level 0
Stand: 104
Category: Spanish Profile

Contact Name: Félix Vicente Mondéjar
Telephone: +49 8431 53 0
Email: info@hoffmann-mineral.com
Website: http://www.hoffmann-mineral.com
Address: Münchener Strasse 75, D-86633 Neuburg a. d. Donau, Germany

Company Profile

HOFFMANN MINERAL, is an innovative filler materials specialist who produces, refines and markets products based on Neuburg Siliceous Earth. Our expertise and production equipment for refining and marketing are also specifically used for other materials. Classic Neuburg Siliceous Earth is a natural combination of corpuscular Neuburg silica and lamellar kaolinite: a loose mixture impossible to separate by physical methods. Such a unique structure is responsible for a relatively high specific surface area and oil absorption, which result, besides rheological activity, also in a whole range of application properties.

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