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Stand: 402
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Contact Name: Jaume Sanchez Gurri
Telephone: 937 471 199
Email: admin@highchemie.com
Website: http://www.highchemie.com
Address: Pisuerga, 20, Pol. Ind. Santa Margarita, Terrassa, Barcelona 08223, Spain

Company Profile

HIGHCHEMIE, S.L., is a company founded in 2000, whose main activity manufacturing and marketing paste colorants. One of the most outstanding points of HIGHCHEMIE S.L., is the diversification that allows us to serve different industries such as: paints, inks, agrochemicals, plastics, paper, among others, thus allowing us to color, with our liquid colorant range, all kinds of products or substrates in countless applications. Another added value to our company is being part of the AUXICOLOR group since 2014, strengthening the company at a productive and commercial level, worldwide.

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