Hall(s): Level 0
Stand: 315
Category: English Profile

Contact Name: Liliana Vilas
Telephone: +492011732222
Email: coating-additives@evonik.com
Website: http://www.coating-additives.com
Address: Goldschmidtstrasse 100, Essen, 45127, Germany

Company Profile

As the Coating Additives business line of Evonik, we are a leading supplier of specialty additives for the coatings and inks industry. Our world-famous brands – ACEMATT®, AEROSIL®, SURFYNOL®, TEGO®, ZEOLEX® – comprise an extensive product portfolio that consists of traditional additives (defoamers, deaerators, dispersants, etc.), matting agents, rheology modifiers, extenders, co-binders, and resins (incl. silicone-based and nanotechnology). The development of resource-efficient, eco-friendly coatings is crucial to the success of our industry and the sustainability of our planet. We actively contribute to this by offering additive solutions for eco-friendly coating systems, including waterborne, high solids, and UV-curing systems and powder coatings.

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