Hall(s): Level 0
Stand: 204
Category: English Profile

Contact Name: Mr. Antonio Fernandez
Telephone: +43 3612 82 286

Company Profile

EUROMINERALS is specialist in development and micronization of industrial minerals. Products range from high quality talc (INTALC, high whiteness, fineness, purity) to co-grinded products based on talc and dolomite (INCOMP range, outstanding in anti-corrosive coating), a special functional pigment (INBOND, a talc-TiO2 composite used as TiO2 replacer), as well as zeolite and dolomite products. Serving the market with technical knowledge and well-experienced team, EUROMINERALS makes customers’ needs the top priority.

EUROFILLERS, formed out of cooperation between CALES DE LLIERCA and EUROMINERALS, intends to commonly serve the market with functional fillers, offering a corporate product portfolio: PCC, talc, dolomite and composites.

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