Hall(s): Level 0
Stand: 316
Category: English Profile

Contact Name: Albert Cortes
Telephone: +34 934 70 65 88
Address: c/ Industria, 15 Polígono Industrial Sud, 08440 Cardedeu, Spain,

Company Profile

ESQUIM S.A. is a Spanish private company which produces chemical specialities mainly based on silicone for many applications (detergents, coatings and paints, cosmetic, plastic, textile, moulding, electronic, paper, construction, water treatment plants, lubricants, etc.). Among our wide range of products, we are strong producing a full set of additives for coatings, adhesives and construction industries: Defoamers (silicone based and silicone-free); air release agents (silicone based and silicone-free); dispersing and wetting agents; water/oil repellents (antigraffiti); silanes; surface additives (slip, mar resistance, rheology, levelling, gloss, anticrater, antiblocking, hammered finish); silicone resins; powder additives; silicone sealants; release agents; biocides, solvents and paint stripper.

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