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Stand: 321
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Telephone: +34 937 831 044

Company Profile

Manufacture and distribution of biocides and additives for industry since 1979.
For paints, coatings and technical materials, we supply the following product range, especially for water based systems:
• BIOPOL: in-can preservatives.
• FUNGIPOL CP: micro-encapsulated dry-film preservative.
• DENSIPOL: defoamers based in mineral oil, polymers and modified silicones.
• DETERSOL: wetting agents.
• CHEMICRYL: dispersing agents.
• CHEMIPOL P: wax emulsions.
• CHEMIPOL UV: optical brighteners.
• AQUAPOL: pigment pastes.

Technical services for customers:
o Microbiological tests.
o Plant audits.
o Additive’s performance tests.
o Full support in Regulatory

Our products are distributed in more than 70 countries

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