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Stand: 316
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Contact Name: Ignasi Fernandez
Telephone: +34 (0) 934 70 65 88
Address: Avinguda dels Vents, 9-13, Escalera B 2º 3ª, Spain

Company Profile

With more than 15 years of experience, ASCOTEC, as an independent company, is considered one of the major players in the anticorrosion field. ASCOTEC designs manufacture and markets liquid ranges of anticorrosion additives and rust-converting additives that meet almost all needs. ASCONIUM®, anticorrosion additives for both solvent-borne and waterborne metal coatings. ASCOTRAN®, flash-rust inhibitors for metal substrate protection during the application of waterborne coatings and for packaging protection. ASCOTRUST®, rust-converting additives for direct application of waterborne on rusted substrates.
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