10/06/2021 Seminars

10:00 am - 10:30 am

Protegido: Nuevo sistema de protección en el envase utilizando tecnología booster

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  • Anna Garcia Responsable de la unidad negocio de pinturas y recubrimientos - Chemipol
10:30 am - 11:00 am

Coating thickness measurement of multi-layer coating systems on plastics, wood and metals


  • Holger Prechtl ales Engineer Customer Management - ElektroPhysik - LUMAQUIN
11:00 am - 11:30 am

How to reach new color spaces using ultra-treated metallics (UTM) and ultra-thin pigments (UTP)

The work presented in this paper is based on two innovations in effect pigments that allow the formulator to, at the same time, impart ultimate hiding power and create outstanding effects in paint and printing applications.

Ultra-thin pigments are a new generation of interference pigments based on an aluminum substrate of reproducible thickness. The ternary plot, usually used for mixing gold-silver-copper alloys, was used as an idol to synthesise three effect pigments based on the new ultra-thin pigments (UTP) technology. The three pigments, now offerend commercially, serve as corner points of the mixing triangle for achieving a broad color spectrum by pigment mixing.

We will be able to demonstrate, that the thickness of the aluminium substrate was reduced to a minimum and that the weight fraction of aluminium in the pigment is less than 15 %. For this reason, as well, the pigment can be handled as a dry powder and, as confirmed by the German Federal Institute for Materials Testing, it is neither flammable nor does it lead to dust explosions. This removes one of the major problems of legacy technologies. Therefore these completely new generation of metal interference pigments can now be marketed as powder, without the need for solvents or hazardous goods labels. Apart from the safety benefits, users thus also gain from being able to use a 100 % powder product, a fact which in turn allows more precise metering and easier formulation of waterborne coatings and sensitive high-solids coatings.

Ultra-treated metal (UTM) pigments are a new generation of high-performance metallic pigments based on state-of-the-art ball milling technology. The combination of UTP and UTM allows the creation of completely new color styles with optical appeal, color travel and ultimate hiding power. Champagne tones, for example, which are usually created using dyes, which have restrictions with respect to lightfastness and bleeding, can be formulated from the mixture of these pigments


11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Protegido: Catalyst for simplifying your production processes

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  • Frank Kother Managing Director - TMC Technology & Marketing Consulting GmbH